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Drug Crimes

What are drug crimes?

Often referred to as "drug crimes" or "narcotics offenses," drug offenses are violations of Chapter 893 of the Florida Statutes. They involve anything from carrying paraphernalia (pipe, bong, etc.) to fraudulently obtaining oxycodone from a physician and trafficking in cocaine.

What are the possible consequences?

Like any other charges, the specific consequences of your case will be determined by the specific charge and your criminal history. However, there are some standard consequences that apply. Many of the possession of controlled substance charges, including a misdemeanor amount of marijuana, will cause your driver's license to be suspended for two years if you are adjudicated guilty by the court. The suspension does not apply if the adjudication is withheld. In more serious cases, such as trafficking, you may be subject to a mandatory minimum prison sentence and significant fine. Also, in many cases courts will sentence an individual to participate in some kind of drug treatment counseling.

How can Soler & Slack, P.A. help you?

There are a many defenses available to someone charged with a drug offense and Soler & Slack, P.A. will explore all possibilities for you. Many times law enforcement must search you or your belongings to find the drugs. Incorrect searches and seizures often present an opportunity to file a motion to suppress any evidence found on you. It is also common for law enforcement to search a vehicle with multiple individuals and find drugs or paraphernalia in the vehicle. Without additional evidence tying the drugs to the person, there may be a valid argument that the State cannot meet its burden to prove constructive possession.

The attorneys of Soler & Slack, P.A. have both prosecuted and defended hundreds of people charged with various drug related crimes. Please call our office to schedule a free case evaluation.

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