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How Long can Someone Sit in Jail with a Pending Case?

One of the biggest problems anybody charged with a crime endures is sitting in jail. A person can lose their job, their family, and their home by sitting in jail. The only thing that makes this worse is when it happens when they are sitting in jail awaiting a resolution on their case. So how long can someone sit in jail while waiting to resolve their case?

The answer to this question largely revolves around the case, the criminal history of the person, and the jail. Generally, the biggest thing keeping someone in jail is bond. This will generally be a dollar amount that must be paid in whole in cash or a percentage paid to a bondsman. Many times a bondsman will require collateral. However, some serious charges and felony violations of probation will have no bond, meaning the person cannot get out of jail until their case is taken care of. If an individual is unable to pay their bond, then they will sit in jail until their case is resolved or their bond is lowered.

It is possible to get out of jail without posting a monetary bond. You may be released on "RoR" bond or "SPR". "RoR" is being released on one's own recognizance or freely releasing without supervision or monetary bond. This generally only happens to individuals with very minor crimes or if the State fails to make a filing decision within 30 days. "SPR" is being put on supervised pre-trial release. This usually requires an individual to report to a supervisor, possibly do drug testing, or attend some kind of meetings.

What we can do for you?

If a judge determines the bond, how can Soler and Slack, P.A. help? Many times it is giving the right information to the judge to get a low bond or talking with the State to stipulate to a bond. If you have received a bond at first appearance and you and your family cannot afford it, we can file a motion to reduce bond and request the judge to reduce it. Also, if the State fails to file charges against someone, we can file a motion to have the person released RoR. If you have a loved one in jail with a pending case, do not hesitate to call us at (941)444-5128 to discuss the options.

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