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How to Hire an Attorney-Five Common Tricks Attorneys use to get Your Money Part 4

Trick #3: False Accomplishments

This flows from the above warning but warrants its own warning since it is a tactic often employed by attorneys that want to appear more accomplished than they actually are. One of the newest trends that attorneys and law firms as a whole are using is the use of "virtual offices". These are not online offices, rather they are a time-share sort of office where an attorney may rent an office space with other professionals and share the office space, conference room, etc. While some attorneys use virtual offices as an extension of their home offices where they can conduct client meetings, some firms rent these office spaces with no intention to use them. Why would someone spend money and not use the space? This allows the attorneys to list multiple addresses in multiple cities creating the façade that their law firm is larger than it actually is. Often they will turn around and sublet this space to bondsman and other professionals while still listing the address as their own. The Florida Bar requires any addresses listed by attorneys to be actually used by that attorney. The virtual office allows an attorney to portray himself as being larger and more successful than he actually is.

Another popular deception is the newsletters or books claimed to have been written by an attorney. There are companies available that have books written on certain subjects and an attorney may purchase the right to put his name on these books, pamphlets, newsletters, etc. without ever writing a word of it. This allows the attorney to portray himself as an "expert" in a certain field or at least give the appearance of being more knowledgeable than other attorneys who have not "written" a book. While there are many attorneys out there that write books and other informational writings, there are some who will use a ghost writer or company to write items for them. (If you are wondering, yes, I wrote this article myself).

These are just two popular examples of false accomplishments. Others include, but are definitely not limited to, fake awards, sham news conferences, staged interviews, and contrived news articles. Again, do not just assume that something produced by an attorney is "fake", but keep in mind that these tactics are used and do some research and ask questions before you put your trust in an attorney that has bought his accomplishments.

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