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How to Hire an Attorney-Five Common Tricks Attorneys use to get Your Money Part 6

Trick #5: Lack of Communication

The number one complaint about attorneys is that they neglect to communicate with their clients. This should be a major concern when deciding on which attorney to hire. Communication between attorney and client is crucial to effectively resolving whatever your legal issue may be.

Proper communication should start during your initial consultation, and even the first phone call if you get to talk to the attorney. When discussing you legal issues and concerns, an attorney should be actively engaged in the conversation. While you will do the most talking, the attorney should still be responding appropriately to what you are saying. A red flag should go up if an attorney is speaking in broad generalities when addressing your questions and concerns. This indicates that the attorney is not listening, is not competent in this area of law, does not really care, or a combination of these. An attorney should be responding with specificity in law and fact. A good attorney will repeat back specific facts you have told him and explaining clearly how those facts fit current law.

Communication is just as important after you have hired the attorney as it is at an initial consultation. If the attorney is not returning your calls or e-mails, or is doing so in a dismissive fashion, then this is cause for concern. Keep in mind that attorneys are quite busy and you are (probably) not the attorney's only client. However, if negligent communication continues and is hindering the resolution of your case, then you are right in being concerned. Unfortunately, there are attorneys out there who will be attentive, compassionate, and on top of it when trying to get your business, but then ignore you once they have gotten your money and end up doing very little work on your case.

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