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How to Hire an Attorney-Five Common Tricks Attorneys use to get Your Money Part 3

Trick #2: Puffery

Bloviating, false Bravado, puffery, exaggerating, bragging. These are all words for lies an attorney may tell you in an attempt to get your business. More specifically, these words describe what attorneys do when they are trying to impress you and make you feel like there is no other attorney out there that can help you.

The Florida bar is also very stringent on using these tactics to get clients. An attorney may not refer to himself or his firm as "the best" or "elite" or "premier law firm" or any other adjective that implies that they are somehow superior to other attorneys in the area. They also may not qualify their representation as "top notch" or "aggressive". However, an attorney may qualify themselves as "aggressive" or "a fighter".

Let us look at another example. Let us say you are out of work for some time due to an injury that occurred at work. The HR department and your insurance company are giving you a hard time about paying you for the time off. So you decide that you may need a workers' compensation attorney. You set up a free consultation with Ms. Jones. You do not know a lot about Ms. Jones, but you look at her website and across the top it says "Metroville's Elite Worker's Compensation Firm". You think "wow, they are the cream of the crop, I must hire them". You get a meeting with an associate attorney at Ms. Jones' firm (because of course she is too busy to meet with potential clients). During your consultation the associate tells you that Ms. Jones' and her staff of attorneys are "the best in Metroville" and "always provide aggressive representation for their clients". You leave feeling you have visited the best law firm ever formed and you cannot wait to meet the mythical figure that is "Ms. Jones".

While attorneys would love to be able to say all of the things that Ms. Jones has said about herself, the ethics rules do not allow this for good reason. Throughout the meeting described above, you have learned nothing about how Ms. Jones' is going to help you. All that was said was how great the firm was and Ms. Jones in particular. While a lawyer can discuss his or her credentials and experience, simply stating subjective opinions like those described above is not allowed because it gives a false sense of greatness and quality that is likely to mislead a potential client.

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