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How do I get my mug shot removed from the internet in Florida?

Unfortunately for those arrested, there are companies out there such as and in the questionable business of posting mug shots of individuals who are newly arrested and demanding large sums of money to have the mug shots removed. Having a mug shot posted online often causes extreme embarrassment and problems with employment.

How can a company do that?

Arrests and booking photographs in Florida, called mug shots, are considered public record. Most jails and detention facilities in Florida list the name, address, date of birth, charges, and photograph of the individuals that are arrested and booked into their facility. The photographs often remain on their website and in their database even if the individual bonds out or is released from jail. This is usually where these companies get the booking photos from.

What can I do to get my mugshot removed then?

This is a tough question to answer and the same tactics will not always work with every website. Many of these companies will charge you a large fee to remove your picture and information from their website. These companies will often have multiple websites, and one payment of a fee will not necessarily remove your picture from all of their sites. Another issue becomes the fact that once Google and other search engines have crawled the page with your mug shot on it, it will be stored in their online cache of images. Getting the mug shot removed from a search engine cache is extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible. Also, it is difficult to have the mug shot removed from the arresting agency's site because it is public record and they are under no obligation to remove it upon request.

There are a few instances where one can force the hand of the company or agency to remove your picture and information. One good way is have an attorney write a demand letter. In the letter, an attorney will state the reasons for requesting the removal and stating the legal ramifications of non-removal. This works especially well if your criminal case has been declined by the state or if the information that the website has published is not accurate. Another way to completely force the hand of the company or agency is to get your case expunged or sealed. Expunged and sealed charges are confidential by Florida statute and therefore the company, agency, and search engines are required to remove any trace of your arrest.

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