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Recent Posts in trial Category

What is jury nullification?

The result of a jury trial is called a verdict. The main two verdicts are guilty or not guilty. These are what are commonly seen in tv, movies, and books dealing with the criminal justice system. ...
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What effect does pleaing guilty or no contest have on a civil suit?

While criminal and civil court are very different areas of law, sometimes they do crossover with one another. Many times when a battery or DUI with property damage occurs, there will be an ...
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What is extradition in Florida?

The term "extradition" often brings up the image of an international criminal who jumps from country to country committing crimes and has finally been caught in some country and the relative ...
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Should I tell my attorney that I am Guilty?

The answer is undoubtedly yes. You should always be honest with your attorney in discussions. Anything you tell him or her is privileged and can only be discussed openly in very few situations. The ...
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How can the state go forward with no evidence?

Many times we talk to people who are concerned that the state is going forward with charges against them or a family member with no evidence. A typical scenario is that a witness and/or victim is ...
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Can I smoke marijuana in Florida if I have a prescription for it from another state?

The simplest answer is no. Florida has not recognized a medical use for marijuana and has not yet enacted legislation recognizing prescriptions from other states. Possessing or smoking marijuana in ...
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Should I testify in my case in Florida?

When you are represented by an attorney in your criminal case, the attorney has a large amount of control over how to proceed with your defense. A good attorney will always listen and try to proceed ...
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Can a polygraph exam (lie detector test) be used against me in Florida?

The answer, as usual, is it depends. Polygraphs cannot be used in court. Florida case law is clear that a polygraph is never admissible in court because it has not been shown to pass stringent enough ...
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What is speedy trial in Florida?

If you have ever faced criminal charges or have been to a criminal court appearance, you have likely heard the term "speedy trial". While this term is regularly discussed in criminal ...
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What is a motion to suppress?

There are many motions that a criminal defense attorney can file on behalf of a client. One of the most popular and most powerful is a motion to suppress. While every person familiar with the criminal ...
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What is a non-jury or bench trial?

When a person hears "trial" they often picture movies with jurors sitting, listening to evidence, and determining guilt or innocence. Even outside of fictional television series, the jury ...
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